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Big Al welcomes all families, friends, golfers and all sports minded customers to the Pacifico Bar in Vilamoura, Algarve for Cocktails, International Lagers, Traditional English Beers and Spirits. - The Pacifico Bar is situated in Vila-Lusa square (at the back of the Vilamoura Marina)

You will be most welcome to join us at Pacifico Bar Golf Society which is probably the best Golf Society in the Algarve and based in Pacifico Bar, - why not join us in our monthly sponsored events across the Algarve.

Click Deck event overall winner

The Click Deck event is a two day competition played at Palmares - day 1 and Vila Sol - Day 2. A new event which has quickly become a very popular and 'must play' competition. The overall winner of the event was Neil Woolfrey (3 handicap) with a score of 67pts. Second place was Martin Ross with 65pts and in 3rd place Steve ward with 63pts

Click deck event winner Day 2 results>>

2019 Members Golf Subs Due 1.1.2019

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October Events:


October 31st Concorde Tony Cup at Salgados Golf Club

Click Deck Day 1 Winner

Martin Ross: 37pts Day 1 winner:

day 1 winner

Click Deck Day 2 Winner

Neil Woolfrey: 32pts Day 2 winner:

Day 2 winner

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