Start Sheet - Final

Captains Day

Quinta do Lago South

27th February 2019

Tee Time: TEE 1 12:00hrs.

Please arrive 30 mins before tee off time. THE GREEN FEE NEEDS TO BE PAID TO ANDY (CASH EURO┬┤S ONLY) AT LEAST 30 MINS BEFORE TEEING OFF - MANY THANKS! Any cancellations received within 48Hrs prior to an event may result in that Member/Guest having to pay the full Green Fee. PLEASE be on the tee ready to play at LEAST 5 minutes before your tee time
TEE 1.. 12:00 Elaine Lopategui Hcp: 22 Member Ken White Hcp: 15 Member
Tony Lopategui Hcp: 10 Member Paul Norman Hcp: 16 Member
2nd..12:08 Ali Dallas Hcp: 4 Member Simon Lieper Hcp: 7 Member
Andrew Dallas Hcp: 10 Member Ross Grant Hcp: 5 Member
3rd...12:16 Stephen Beresford Hcp: 21 Guest Jamie Cleall-Harding Hcp:17 Member
Martin Hardy Hcp:17 Guest Stephen Kearney Hcp: 12 Guest
4th...12:24 Stuart Brankin Hcp:13 Member Crawford Brankin Hcp: 12 Member
David Brankin Hcp: 16 Guest Ian Simpson Hcp: 10 Member
5th...12:32 Rupert Knight Hcp: 13 Guest Joe Hiluta Hcp: 13 Member
Richard Wade Hcp: 14 Guest Alistair Keys Hcp: 19 Guest
7th....12:40 Neil Woolfrey Hcp: 2 Member James Evans Hcp: 14 Member
Ian Lee Hcp: 10 Member Mike Pearson Hcp: 12 Guest
5th...12:48 William Stewart Hcp: 6 Member David Harpur Hcp: 16 Member
Charles Hodgekinson Hcp: 11 Member Colin Wilson Hcp: 16 Member
7th....12:56 Robert Wilson Hcp: 21 Guest Dean Abraham Hcp: 17 Guest
Jim Toon Hcp: 14 Guest Mark Richardson Hcp: 15 Guest
5th...13:04 Flan McGlinchey Hcp: 30 Member Peter Jones Hcp: 8 Member
Joe McGlinchey Hcp: 27 Member Brian Carty Hcp: 20 Member
7th....13:12 Rita Bowkett Hcp: 28 Member Karen Pemberton Hcp:24 Guest
Helen Lloyd Hcp: 17 Guest Tracey Witherspoon Hcp:21 Guest