September Event: The Click Deck Trophy (Day 1)


11th September 2019

at Palmares Golf Club.

Competition Format: 2 Day Event

First Tee Time: 11:38

Tee Places: 40

Booking Status: Completed

Event Green Fee: €0

The Click Deck Trophy (Day 1) will be a 2 Day Event (Event over 2 days ) format. All new guests wishing to participate playing with us for the first time, if you could please make yourself known to Al in the bar as soon as possible, as we require the green fee in full for the event. The draw will be made on the Monday evening before the event in the bar at 21:00hrs in order to secure your place. >> Book in online here .

Further Information: The Click-Deck tournament is based on a 2-day event, day one is to be drawn and played in the normal way with the day two going in leader board order, leaders going out last. This is a two Day Event and Golfers will be admitted entry playing in BOTH days. Please arrive 30 mins before tee off time. THE GREEN FEE NEEDS TO BE PAID TO ANDY (CASH EURO┬┤S ONLY) AT LEAST 30 MINS BEFORE TEEING OFF! Any cancellations received within 48Hrs prior to an event may result in that Member/Guest having to pay the full Green Fee. PLEASE be on the tee ready to play at LEAST 5 minutes before your tee time.

Golfers Booked in:

  1. Martin Walkden ..... Hcp: 14 Member
  2. Jamie Cleall-Harding ..... Hcp: 17 Member
  3. Paul Norman ..... Hcp: 16 Member
  4. Brian Mulrey ..... Hcp: 25 Member
  5. David Pugh ..... Hcp: 23 Member
  6. Colin Wilson ..... Hcp: 16 Member
  7. Derek Scott ..... Hcp: 17 Member
  8. Kevin Grocott ..... Hcp: 19 Guest
  9. Mike Taylor ..... Hcp: 22 Guest
  10. Carl Nixon ..... Hcp: 13 Member
  11. James Evans ..... Hcp: 13 Member
  12. Steve Ward ..... Hcp: 19 Member
  13. Andrew Brace ..... Hcp: 16 Member
  14. Martin Brown ..... Hcp: 19 Guest
  15. Mark Brown ..... Hcp: 20 Guest
  16. Russel Bromley ..... Hcp: 22 Guest
  17. Adrian Langham ..... Hcp: 9 Member
  18. Vincent Thompson ..... Hcp: 16 Guest
  19. Andy Willimott ..... Hcp: 6 Member
  20. Ian Simpson ..... Hcp: 10 Member

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Click Deck Tiles


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